Makayley’s Good Morning Review

Good morning everyone! I pray your day is as wonderful as mine is! I’m alive and going strong. God is wonderful. Today is a very special day for me and I’d like to share it with you. In 1994 I was hit by a truck in a crosswalk and flew 80′ in the air to the middle of the busy intersection. This was on August 25th, at 3:18 p.m… The truck driver had a liquid lunch and didn’t see me! Wow, I’m a big woman! Well was back then anyway. When I came down I hit the pavement with my head so hard it put a dent in the back of my head and split open. They said I would have brain damage and memory loss. I wasn’t suppose to be able to walk again, but God had another plan for me. I have some memory loss, but I’m walking. The reason today is so important to me is I’m alive and doing somewhat well considering the pain and setbacks, but, however, God as I said has a plan for me. I’ve always loved kids and wanted to work with them in some way or another, and God has given me a vision as to how I can do this and still stay young at heart. Please check out my website at h I’m going to open up a farm for kids in the juvenile system that need the love and respect they deserve to change their lives around. Children need love and respect from us as adults if we want them to respect us. Many of the children I come across are cast aways, how cruel is that? Why? Why are we as parents so willing to toss our children out when they fight back?  Consider this: Children are a gift from God, and we as parents are to train them with God’s following as He has trained us. With respect and dignity. If we read the Bible and follow God’s plan our children will be fine, but go against God’s plan and they will suffer. I want to change all that and give these kids the hope and love they need to become God’s men and woman of the next generation. Help me follow this dream..donate to the cause and help these kids find hope and love and charity in their hearts. God Bless


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